• The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

    This is the kind of books that makes you laugh and cry and melt at the same time. I call this genius, I call this magic.

    So let's start with the plot. It's sort of hard for me to even call it a "plot" because it just all seemed so true to me. Like if it was a real story, no, not even a story. Just a life. Yeah, that's it. The Fault In Our Stars is a life.


    It tells abour Hazel, a girl who's dying of cancer. But that's not the kind of defeatist book, nor totally hopeful and happy book. It's between the two. Hazel is just trying to live the moment,  because she knows she's going to die anyway. And she starts going to that Support Group for Cancer Kids. Then she meets Isaac, who gets to be her friend, and Augustus, who gets to be more than a friend to her. And, you know, whe just see her fighting against herself and against her illness, we see her trying to be a teen and falling in love. We get to know her, we get to appreciate her. 


    The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

    She really has a unique way of thinking. I mean, she's not the kind of depressed ill girl we expect to see. She's more than that. Hazel has a great personality, and she's not afraid of saying what she thinks. Her vision of the world is sort of creepy, sometimes, but most of it it's just so... realistic and true. Hazel knows what life is, she knows so much while she's so young. She teaches the reader a lot of things and there are absolutely no clichés in what she says.It seems like she's able to look at our world without any judgement nor point of view. She just analyzes some situations and reports them as they are. I was honestly feeling both happy and sad for her because she really is a great person, we really don't want her to die. But that's the thing about that book: it doesn't tell what everyone wants to hear. It tells the truth, no matter what the consequences can be. I admire it.

    Her friend Augustus is also an incredible character. I won't tell you much about him, because there are so many things to say... He's really handsome and funny. Really, I laughed so hard when he was speaking because he has that staunch sense of humor. He never says he feels bad, he never wants to admit it. Because, even though he denies it all along, he really is sick, and he just can't accept it. Indeed, he lost one of his legs because of osteosarcoma (a bone cancer). He feels kind of invicible when he doesn't show his pain. Although, he really is fragile, emotive. And he loves Hazel more than anything. Basically, he fell in love with her the moment he saw her.

    Their love story is one of my favourites. I believe that they only are theirselves when they are together. They really are soulmates, I mean, they are able to talk for hours about breakfast (yeah, they atcually did) or whatever; and they never get bored because they just want to know what each other thinks. In my opinion, that is real love. And John Green remarkably painted it.

    But you should know, before reading it, that this book will change you forever. This book will learn you a part of life that you might ignore (and if you know that dark side of life, you'll probably recognize yourself in it). It'll show you happiness and sadness, and fun also. 

    That extraordinary book taught me that no matter who you are, no matter you're healthy or sick, no matter you'll grow old or die youg, finding happiness is a choice anyone can make.

    The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

    To conclude, The Fault In Our Stars in one of the books that made me love reading more. And that's a big thing because I already love reading pretty much. The whole time I was reading it, I just couldn't think of anything else (even when I was in school):that story obsessed me. I'm going to read it again, and again and again until I get bored of it -which I don't think will happen one day. 

    I wanted to say thank you to Mr Green who just changed my life, my vision of things (I totally mean it). 

    And I hope you guys will read it, and enjoy it as much as I did.

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